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About Us

Here at Black As November, we’re all about fashion that never follows trends. Based in Sydney, Australia, we’re a niche market that offers affordable jewellery and accessories to style-conscious shoppers the world over.
Ultimately we want our customers to be able to express their individuality and attitude through our products, so we’re constantly updating our
collections. We're all about grunge meets biker chic, evoking a decayed mood and distressed glamour.

Behind Black As November:
In American witchcraft the Raven is assigned to the month of November.
Raven was the bringer of life, order and sunlight. They are often associated with death and the Underworld. The cries of Ravens are heard before death in battle, and Ravens are often said to bring messages from the Underworld. They have the ability to see the past and the future, while living in the present.